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Application for Parent Member of the Maryland State Board of Education

Applications are now available for Maryland residents interested in serving as the parent member of the Maryland State Board of Education. The selected candidate will serve as the voice for parents of public-school students in Maryland. The Governor must appoint the parent member from a list of three qualified individuals submitted by the Parent Teacher Association representing the State of Maryland. Free State PTA will recommend three (3) parents of students currently enrolled in a public school for consideration by the governor. As the largest child advocacy group in Maryland, Free State PTA is honored to be a part of the selection process for candidates. 


Free State PTA encourages diversity in its application process and is reaching out across all communities to attract candidates. Free State PTA also recognizes that not all parent advocates work through a local, council, or the state PTA. Therefore, parents who are not members of PTA are encouraged to apply as well. Furthermore, we encourage new parents to Maryland public schools to apply.

In addition to completing the Free State PTA application, all persons seeking to serve on the Maryland State Board of Education must also apply through the Governor’s Appointments Office at:


Questions should be sent by email to:

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